Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It Has Arrived - Part II

Yeehaw! We are done getting our school supplies. Our Sonlight box came - it was HUGE! And silly me, I forgot to order a few things even though I went over my list about 5 times. Still, the box was enormous and we had a ball opening it and digging everything out.

Yes, that new book smell sent goosebumps down my arms - and I think it's catchy. My oldest son Cody loves to read and he seemed just as excited as dear old mom.

My second son Wyatt has stated that, "Cowboys don't need ta read." But I think I caught a glimpse of excitement in his eyes too. Either that or the prospect of learning to read this year made his eyes glaze over. That's one of the main reasons we chose Sonlight--to encourage him to read and show him it can be enjoyable.

Right now he'd rather carve a stick into a spear and go hunting. But, as I've told him, reading will come in handy at least once or twice in his life, so he will have to learn. I'm just trying to make it fun for him and I think we'll accomplish that with Sonlight.

Now that my school supplies are bought, I'm moving on to Christmas. Yes, I realize it's the end of August, but I've formed my mother's habit of shopping early. One of my favorite places to browse for gifts for the boys is Vison Forum.

They have the coolest toys for boys. Slingshots, swords, knife throwing, great biblical and historical books (that's always a plus), ropes, etc. It's great.