Monday, March 12, 2007

24 hours in a day - is it enough?

Sometimes I wonder if 24 hours in a day is enough. Do you ever feel like you run ragged from the time you get up until you flop down in bed? I do.

On one particularly busy day I began a litany in my head: There aren't enough hours in a day. If I could squeeze 2 more hours into a day, just think of all the pages I could type. How can time fly so fast? If my internet were faster, I wouldn't have to sit here for so long . . .

Sound familiar?

Then I started my list of things yet to do: fill the washer, empty the dishwasher, correct homeschool assignments, check my email, call mom, thaw something for supper . . .

But where on my list was: welcome my husband home with a kiss and a hug, ask him about his day, sit for a moment, or two, or three in prayer, read a book to the boys . . .

It sounds like I'm adding onto my first list and making the day even shorter, but isn't 24 hours enough to get those REALLY important things done? Yes, it is.

Is 24 hours enough to praise God for the ten loads of laundry waiting to be done? Yep.

Is 24 hours enough to thank God for leftovers? You bet.

In fact, 24 hours seems pretty adequate. God must have known that when He created the first day. :)

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Hi all,

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