Monday, May 19, 2008

Pride and Prejudice and Raising Boys

The other day I was working out on my gazelle while indulging my feminine side with the movie Pride and Prejudice. I do this for several reasons; number one being that I need the exercise. Number two; I live in a house full of men.

Living in a house full of men has advantages, blessings and quirks of its own. However, when it comes to voting for a movie on Family Film Night in the Miller household, I’ve found myself sadly outnumbered. If I should ever have the audacity to suggest we watch the perfectly wonderful BBC romance my ears would be met with horrified gasps and my eyes with expressions of abject terror.
The thought of sitting through a 5 hour romance does not enthrall any of the men in my family the way it does me. Still, there are good lessons to be learned in “mom’s girl movie”. I can’t help but think of Jane and Lizzie’s sweet sisterly chatter, learning the shocking truth of Mr. Wickham’s character, and groaning at the misplaced advice given by Mrs. Bennett to “take every opportunity of enjoying yourself”.

So, while burning calories, I hide in my basement and relive the lives of the Bennett sisters in quiet solitude. And, when a little boy’s face does pause in passing, I take every opportunity to teach the folly of Lydia’s foolishness, the wisdom of holding your tongue, and the joy of a close sibling relationship.

But they’re boys, you say. Trust me, this I know well. But opportunities to teach valuable lessons surround us everyday. I take what I get. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Part of Me is Moving!

I was doing a little housecleaning on my blogs the other day and I moved the book review blog I share with my twin sister to a different address without letting everyone know! Opps. My fault.

So, just in case you are wondering what in the world is going on over there at Reviews by Two - we moved a hop, skip and a jump over to Reviews By Two - Books. Our plan is to get a few more blogs up and running together. You know, like Reviews By Two - Education, and Reviews By Two - Games for Children. So, keep an eye out. Lots of changes going on, but the same two twins sharing lots of opinions. :)

That reminds me, maybe I should do a little housekeeping at home. But at the rate I'm going, I'll move one of the boys and won't be able to find him again!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Countdown

What does Hawaii look like in January? Don't ask me - ask my husband. Right now he's on Kauai, the Garden Isle, feeling the ocean breeze on his face, catching a nice tan in 80 degree temperatures and watching beautiful Hawaiian sunsets.

Without his wife.

For the 8th time.

Hmm. Something isn't quite right here.

Well, to be quite honest, he is working - really. He hops on a plane every January and for two to three weeks he toils in a cornfield in the Hawaiian sunshine. Being a Research Technician for a chemical/corn breeding company does have it's perks after all. . .

Why aren't I with, you ask? Well, I could go with him and sit alone in a hotel while he baked in the sun or I could roam the island by myself while he worked from dawn til dusk. Neither sound like an option I'd like to try. I'd rather have both - the vacation and my husband - at the same time. Call me silly.

And it also seems that God's timing for a Hawaiian vacation is not right now. The couple times we'd planned my flying out there when his work was completed ended up being crossed off the list in favor of other things. You know, those little things that keep popping up like . . . a pregnancy, a nursing infant, selling the house . . . those things.

So, I stayed home with my boys, cleaned the house top to bottom, rearranged closets and listened to the freezing rain and -30 windchill forecast. Living in Minnesota does have it's perks after all. . .

This year two of my close friends spent a few days with us and we laughed hilariously, stayed up till the wee hours on a Jane-Austen-era kick watching movies such as Persuasion and Jane Eyre and nibbled chocolate.

Then the boys and I went to visit my twin sister and her family. Again I laughed hilariously, stayed up until the wee hours watching Wuthering Heights and Northanger Abby and nibbled chocolate. Then I added a run to the ER and watched as the flu bug made it's rounds just for the fun of it.

Ahh, the joys of trying to pass time more quickly while my beloved is gone. Reading late at night until my eyes are too fuzzy to see. Watching the hands circle the clock for the godzillionth time. Waiting for the phone to ring and hoping it's his daily call. . .

So now we are counting down the days, trying to catch up on sleep, praying for his safe return, smelling his coat and hugging it while it hangs in the closet (I know, I'm pathetic), cuddling my infant, teaching school, tucking the boys in at night, and above all, realizing the precious gift God has given me in my husband. Being alone for a time does have it's perks after all. . .