Monday, May 19, 2008

Pride and Prejudice and Raising Boys

The other day I was working out on my gazelle while indulging my feminine side with the movie Pride and Prejudice. I do this for several reasons; number one being that I need the exercise. Number two; I live in a house full of men.

Living in a house full of men has advantages, blessings and quirks of its own. However, when it comes to voting for a movie on Family Film Night in the Miller household, I’ve found myself sadly outnumbered. If I should ever have the audacity to suggest we watch the perfectly wonderful BBC romance my ears would be met with horrified gasps and my eyes with expressions of abject terror.
The thought of sitting through a 5 hour romance does not enthrall any of the men in my family the way it does me. Still, there are good lessons to be learned in “mom’s girl movie”. I can’t help but think of Jane and Lizzie’s sweet sisterly chatter, learning the shocking truth of Mr. Wickham’s character, and groaning at the misplaced advice given by Mrs. Bennett to “take every opportunity of enjoying yourself”.

So, while burning calories, I hide in my basement and relive the lives of the Bennett sisters in quiet solitude. And, when a little boy’s face does pause in passing, I take every opportunity to teach the folly of Lydia’s foolishness, the wisdom of holding your tongue, and the joy of a close sibling relationship.

But they’re boys, you say. Trust me, this I know well. But opportunities to teach valuable lessons surround us everyday. I take what I get. :)